It’s Alive!

I’m so excited to say that my book is finally out! It was released on July 1st, almost a year to the day that I started writing it. And it’s surreal… To hold it in my hands. To see people ordering it. To hear that people love it. It makes my heart smile and my soul jump with glee!

It’s been a crazy process, but so worth it. Key Moments is available at Amazon and many other online retailers in paperback and ebook. If I’m lucky enough for you to buy it, I would sincerely appreciate you leaving a review on Amazon.

Thank you ALL for supporting me and following me along on this wonderful, fun, (but sometimes frustrating) learning experience.

I hope you enjoy the story of Clay and Lynn. I’m excited to get back to actually writing again on a daily basis. I’m already on chapter 6 of book two!

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